critique my paper plan for log house

Started by rusticrural, February 18, 2023, 10:04:44 AM

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I've been doodling with different thoughts for quite a while and I don't think it'll be any harm to finally ask someone else about one of these plans in particular..

I'm not so sure if I really want to live with a half or full second floor stairs-wise but I didn't want to have a very big square house (does anyone know of a 40x40 log house by the way?) so I somehow end up with a possibly interesting "four way" floorplan

the room depths are 'not to scale' as I was just lazy drawing one 3-side box then clone it three more times for this one. actual house would very likely have each ends being of different lengths to suit (that is randomly anywhere from 10 to 30 feet at discreet)

'bath' is the only timber&stick construction here for as to be able to line that one compact room with moisture barrier all around (and tiles to waterproof the inside side), the interior being a bit alike to sailboat bathroom with regarding to exposed showerhead by toilet&sink

'electronics' is a bit of a catch-all word since this would be where the battery bank would be aside to also the desktop computer and a small tv setup etc (leaving just lights and so on for other three ends, although I may need less-than-thin wire to the kitchen for the dc powered fridge itself)

'fast storage' is just my own terminology for that theres some shelving/etc there specifically for things i'm currently using and/or need daily as compared to that many more things would be stored over the roof truss overhead. even the kitchen loft isn't immune to this where i would for example have that 'very big serving tray I only need a few times a year' stuffed up there instead of getting in the way of the small kitchen capacity itself otherwise

'rec zone' is just some wall space allocated to shelf model trains, or a bit of puzzle time on and off by means of a portable board onto the floor, etc

the big red circle I still have to think about but thats a possible small indoor firepit, otherwise the kitchen has a small stove and that there'll be at least one fuel heater for non-fire heating times
(even then central chimney or not, i'll have a very small cupola in the middle which would be a way to cheat on not having to worry about making four independent roof lines meetup perfectly in the middle since there is a tiny fifth roof on top of the very middle instead)

and just in case anyone wanted to ask about the floor height I had indeed thought about that;
the west-east ends would have floor directly onto subfloor while the north-south ends would have an extra layer between subfloor and floor worth half the height of a hewn log resulting in all four ends being equal walking surface even although two of the subfloors are at different height from other two. sorry that I can't think of how to draw this now but I'm sure everyone could understand
(as for the very middle floor itself, I admit I haven't thought about this just yet if you would mind please)


Hi, welcome.

I would suggest spending some time learning how to use sketchup. It will help greatly in visualizing the space you are trying to create.

Generally, the risk for that type of building is that it is actually more work to build a structure in that shape than a square. If you hire people, it means more money every step of the way:foundation to roof. As an owner-builder it means more labor... and believe me simplicity is both your friend and reality when it's DIY.


There are some huge log homes that make 40x40 look like cottages ;)


Quote from: NathanS on February 18, 2023, 10:59:55 AMAs an owner-builder it means more labor... and believe me simplicity is both your friend and reality when it's DIY.

Couldn't have said this better myself....