How to stagger the joints on a 24' built-up beam?

Started by maggiethecat, March 05, 2022, 06:18:57 PM

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Hi guys,

On my set of little house plans, the 14x24 cabin requires a 4x8 beam built up from sandwiched 2x8s. I imagine there's no plywood sandwiched in between.

But my supplier only carries up to 2x8x16. Since the butting has to fall onto a pier, I thought I would do 16+8, but, it turns out the layout doesn't allow for this. Should I join as 14+10?

Another thing: my supplier has those cheaper in pressure treated, is it okay to build up my beams from P.T.? Thank you!
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All joints shall occur over support (watch the words "may" and "shall" when reading). PT is fine, better, in this situation. If it is incised there is a 15% strength derate (Dougfir PT).