Green remodeling--or modeling

Started by Amanda_931, July 25, 2006, 09:28:26 AM

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From Seattle.  With various topics in various sizes of .pdf files, a couple in the broadband or "take the laptop to the free wi-fi" range.  Also slide shows from various lectures.  I think I'll wait to do the "free wi-fi" on them--even if it really is $8 in gas to do a trip to Florence.


Thanks for the link Amanda. Here is a listing of the Built Green checklists:

Also check out the case studies and tours linked on the left.


Interesting.   I can see how people could pad their house to make it seem greener than it really is.  And blow off some pretty important things because "it's just me out here in the middle of nowhere, I don't need to worry about that." (somehow I think I'm talking about me there!)

They don't like galvanized metal.  They really hate lawns.