Discount coupons for Lowe's & Home Depot

Started by nandajor, May 18, 2006, 02:21:17 PM

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You folks may already know about these.  On e-bay, they auction off discount coupons, 10% off for purchases up to $10,000, for Lowe's and Home Depot. They sell very cheap, just a few dollars.  Also, I went on-line to the Lowe's site and actually ordered a coupon.  The guy we met in Colorado, had purchased some off e-bay and it was a print it out deal.  Home Depot did not honor it, said the color was not right, however, he took it over to Lowe's and they honored it.  When you are buying lots for a building project, a dollar saved is a dollar saved.

Happy hammering, Nanda


I sent off a 10% off coupon for Home Depot and it arrived in the mail about three weeks later.

In the fine print it said, not to be used for roofing, siding, or windows.

I am sure I will find the right time to use it. I just need to figure out what my next big purchase will be and slip them the 10% off coupon.

You can get one of the cards to send off for free from the post office in the change of address kit.


How do you get these coupons??? Are they good for a single purchase of several appliances or flooring?? I live in a state where the sales tax is over 7% so they would really come in handy.


Deertracks, I went to the Lowe's homepage and I believe there is a "click on" for sales and coupons (sorry, I forgot the exact route). The one that I ordered was actually for moving or re-location.  It probably does have restrictions, but still could be useful.  The guy that told me about it, had used his to purchase 500 concrete blocks for his foundation.  Like I said, Lowe's honored the Home Depot coupon.  He purchased his coupons on E-bay.  I put "Lowe's coupons" in the search and it pulled up about half a dozen, on the bay.  


Thanks Jimmy...
We will eventually be moving after construction is finished, so I will try that angle at Lowe's. Every little bit counts. By the way your 2-story is really great looking. Do you have any inside pics. You know us women are always interested in the inside and decorating part.


Those little "moving" booklets from the post office used to have Lowe's coupons inside.