Extending Gable for doorway cover

Started by Ned Endler, September 05, 2005, 02:10:47 PM

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Ned Endler


I have been building a 10x12 cabin from a few modifications of the 10x14 plans. I am placing the door on the 10' wall and would like to extend the gable roof to provide some cover (about 3') for rain and snow.

How should I extend the top plate to provide support the 2x6 rafters?

Thanks for your help!



When I did my smaller 8x10, I used a double 2x8 on edge on top of the top plate extending outward to support the rafters.  Mirrored the ridge beam I put in.  Probably way overkill, but I feel better that way and it didn't cost that much more.  

Hope this makes sense.


John Raabe

Another way to get a 3' overhang is to support the gable end facia with angled brackets at the ridge and each side wall. Then fill 2x4s back to the wall to support the roof sheathng.  This is sometimes called a rake ladder.
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