Spiral stair location in the Victoria's Cottage design

Started by MikeT, January 24, 2008, 08:30:08 PM

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I am in the stage where I can begin putting in my spiral staircase to the loft in the VC design.  My layout is similar, I believe to the original VC design and to Dennis Kuhn's.  My question concerns the specific location of the stairs relative to the bathroom door and the bedroom door.  I just want to double check that I should have 36" clearances (a mini-hallway, if you will) between where you enter/exit these rooms and the spiral stairs.  Since I am making my stairs from scratch, I can make them larger than 5 feet in diameter, if I want to.  But I do not want to have the stairs run into the kitchen/space and I need to know what my minimums are on the bathroom/bedroom side.

Does this make sense?


John Raabe

Yes, I think I understand what you are asking.

Standing in the Great room looking at the stair towards the rear of the house the left side (bedroom and bath access) should have a min of 36" clear between the stair and the wall. This should be after the final finish so you probably want to add an inch or so at rough framing. The same would be true on the right hand side between the stair and the kitchen counter.

This will provide the necessary access for getting things in and out of these rooms.
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Thanks, John.  I thought this was the case but wanted to make sure.