Got my plans yesterday and a question

Started by peter nap, August 09, 2007, 10:08:49 AM

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peter nap

First, thanks for getting them out so quickly John

This was the basic 20X30 single story before the hatchet job.

I spent the better part of the night playing with the pictured design is not to scale.

Total length will be 70'
I raised the roof on each end 4' with a loft under each raised section.

Assuming I place additional piers under the ends and use collar ties on the stick built 10/12 roof and that the raised sections are no more that 20'long,

will the I have any problems?

glenn kangiser

Single pitch on one side as pictured (all 3 sections on the same plane?) and back side only with shed dormers or 2 different pitches? :-?

or 3 gables?
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Glenn's Underground Cabin

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peter nap

Single pitch all around with 2 Dormers on the front side.

The thing in the middle is my sad attempt at a cupola :-[

peter nap

OH....I think I see what your asking. I added a 4' knee wall to the end sections but the roof pitch will stay the same.

John Raabe

If I understand right and you are adding 4' to the sidewall height of the end sections (thus pushing the roof higher) wouldn't you have these sidewalls showing above the porch roof?
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peter nap

Duh.....I need coffee. Your right. I raised the whole thing 4 feet. Does that present any loading problems?

John Raabe

Not as long as the walls are tied together. But run it past your inspector first as there may be local issues such as high winds.

You might want to do a cross section through the place to make sure the walls and roof pitches do what you want. You can modify the one in the plan just as you have the elevation.

Here's some notes on plan modifications:

The simple, non-technical way to do cut and paste design is to take two copies of a floorplan and slice the end wall off oneĀ and align the side walls to the length you want - then tape them down. Now with a little white out and a black pen you can make your modifications. You can also cut out windows, doors, furniture and cabinets from another copy of the plans and tape these into the modified plan as well. You can do the same with the elevations. When you are happy with your plan, make a fresh copy for the final set that will become your master for additional copies. You can do this with foundation plans and cross sections as well.

You can also work with plan template files for a simple Home Design computer program such as from our sister subscription site More info on how to do that is here:
None of us are as smart as all of us.