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Started by pocono_couple, May 26, 2009, 11:28:24 AM

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Sailing, hiking, camping, kayaking and traveling to Maine have not been the only distractions this summer.   I also invested some time  on this project, using lots of left over materials from the house.

it was supposed to be simply a woodshed, but it turns out to be a catchall kind of structure... also good for the gas cans and some tools.   It went up pretty easily, and I certainly did not invest too much in the construction.   Along with the shed, the tax man liked it but ignored it in his report - in our area the 200 sq ft rule  is observed :)   I guess that I have to take back some of those negative thoughts that I sometimes have about north east PA!


well folks...  it has been quite a while since i have visited this thread..   the   current project
  has taken priority this summer, so  I have done very little on  our house in the poconos..   

However, I am currently digging a drainage ditch  in the back.    It is about time that I wrap up that project!    i hope to accomplish that in the next day or two..

The push for now is to finish the tiny house, and then I can get my attention back to this one..     You will see that the scaffolding is  still on the side of the house, but  the real reason that I wanted to make this post was to show how the flowers look out front..     my wife has done a wonderful job..   our intent is for as many wild flower gardens as possible..  as little grass to mow as possible :)        this is actually the third year for some of  these gardens, and they are beginning to re-seed themselves..  that is our hope!   

feel free to  check out my tiny house project..  i should be moving to the ext. siding phase with that later this week...    but, i have found that even a tiny house takes a lot longer than i imagined to complete!    I should have known better!


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thanks guys...  slowly but surely!    I can say from experience that the advice against moving into a house before it is complete is very sound..  but then, is it every going to be truly complete?  :)     And, even though  progress has slowed down significantly, we have really enjoyed living in the house  ..   there is nothing quite like sharing a cup of tea on the front porch, watching the hummingbirds visit their feeders...  or the  email that I sent to the head of our school  this spring suggesting that we might be late because a huge bear was roaming through our front yard!     life in the country is good...


I know this is old but have a question. This is open to anybody, is their a advantage to doing the basement walls this way ?


I have not stopped by for a while.. sorry to  be so late with a response..    your question about the basement walls..  do you mean a walkout basement where it is exposed in the back?   jt       feel free to email


it has been a long time since I last posted pics..   the scaffolding is finally gone from the  left side of the house..   finishing up on the right side now, but i ran out of shingles, so  the ext. work is at a standstill for the moment..   but my wife and I are tackling jobs inside..   finishing doors etc.     
  we spent 5 months in Maine and just returned in mid-october..   filled with renewed energy  :)   perhaps some of that energy will be focused on getting some pics added!    jt


Looking forward to seeing your progress!