320 acres prime land for $5.00 an acre

Started by benevolance, June 17, 2007, 01:19:55 PM

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Land for $5.00 an acre?

Dunno if this is too good to be true or not...


I think I will bite and spend the $23 dollars for the info...


"Land for $5.00 an acre?

Dunno if this is too good to be true or not..."

My general rule is if it sounds too good to be true it ain't.



well you are prolly right

until 1976 there was a federal homesteaders act where you could just apply for land and get 160 acres after 5 years of living on it...It was yours free and clear...

They did not abolish the homesteaders act in Alaska until 1987 I think

But there are loopholes and out of date laws that can still be used...  The problem is finding out about them... If we were rich we would have attorneys search for tax laws and loopholes available so we could keep all the money and spend nary a dime on taxes...

$23 is the cost of taking the wife out to supper....So I will likely throw down for it...


There were a couple of places in Kansas that were giving away tracts of land for people willing to live on it for a certain amount of time, and this was recently, as in the past few years.