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Started by MountainDon, November 20, 2007, 08:23:48 PM

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Great, all set and it's working now. Thank you for the welcome!! It's a neat forum and I've enjoyed learning  [cool]


Hi admins!! Just verifying a notification-related question: In order to receive email notifications, I have to manually turn them on for each post that I'd like to receive a notification for by clicking the "Notify" button by the post, is that correct? Is there a setting that allows you to be automatically notified anytime someone responds to one of your posts, or is it on an individual basis? Just want to make sure I don't miss anyone's replies. Thanks!!!


Once logged in, open your personal profile page.

In the left sidebar locate the section titled "Modify Profile"

Click on the "notifications" link

Under the "profile" section on the newly opened page you will see a check box with the text "Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic."

Click the check box to turn that on.

There are two other choices for which you may change the selections.

Over on the right side of the screen is a button labeled, "Save settings". You must click that button or the selections you made will be lost when the page is changed.

You will now receive a notification for every topic you post to including any new topics you author.

There is also the manual selection method using the options listed under the "Attachments and other options" link that appears under the compose field when you are adding comments to a topic. If you have set your profile settings to automatically send a notification to any topics you reply to, you can also use that to manually deselect the notification for that particular topic.

That page under your profile will also list all the topics for which you have requested notifications. On the right side are boxes that can be checked and an "Unnotify" button at the bottom of the page so if desired one or more notifications may be cancelled.
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