Winch and cable question

Started by Windpower, November 23, 2014, 05:40:43 PM

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One of my new projects will be to make a boom truck out of the old Toyota PU for getting firewood and other stuff

So I have a 12000 pound Horror Freight winch with 3/8" diameter cable (at least the is what the box says)

I am looking for a snatch block for the end of the boom like this one

My question is: should the sheave radius (the 'groove' in outside of the sheave)match the cable exactly or could a '1/2" radius sheave be OK for 3/8" diameter cable ?

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Way back in time I took a class in winching; sponsored by Warn. I don't remember the percentage for certain but they told us the pulley groove should be larger than the diameter of the cable. Maybe by as much as 50%?  Straining my memory on that.  Also for better cable life the pulley should be large as possible. My winching pulley block has a wheel about 4 inches in diameter; rated to 20K lbs, IIRC.
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Radius of the pulley channel- wider is fine

Diameter of the pully- larger is better, wire rope does not like small diameters.

If its designed for 1/2" and your running 3/8" it should be fine.

Only concern is the gap between the pully wheel and the side plates, insure its a close tolarance fit

I run one of these on my truck, its a nylon pulley wheel as I run a synthetic winch cable.

The sides pivot allowing easy cable access and then just use a D shackle, never liked hooks on my winch gear, but for your aplication it would probably be fine


Thanks everyone

I thought it should match, but the 3/8 grooved sheaves were on the small side and not rated at a very high WLL

bigger is better it seems

Often, our ignorance is not as great as our reluctance to act on what we know.