Ledger board attachment

Started by jb daniels, November 05, 2004, 11:04:27 AM

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jb daniels

I am installing a new ledger board for the new porch area on the cabin. The roof of porch will not be a severe slope, just enough for reasonable head room, not too worried about snow load here, and the ledger will be 20 feet long, placed just above the entry door running most of the length of the front wall. Question is, do I have to install this with lag bolts, or can I use good sized screws. The old ledger was applied with only nails, and it lasted about 30 years.


While your loads may not exceed the limits of a bunch of 16d galvanized nails, a better connection is cheap insurance.

The Ledgerlok screw fastener is designed for just this critical connection. The wider the deck or porch the more load is put on this ledger to house connection. Failures kill people every year.

http://www.fastenmaster.com/pdf/LedgerLok%20SS.pdf - this is a PDF file for the product.

http://www.fastenmaster.com/ Manufacturer's website.