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Started by glenn-k, December 25, 2006, 11:12:29 PM

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This is to "The Boy Mechanic" but there are tons of free books at project Gutenberg.



"the addition of some water will make a splendid shower bath"????

Yep, I think they're talking about the summertime--"vacation time."

I don't really think that John (does he have power yet?) would enjoy that much right now.

The link might well get you all those Dan Beard books as well.


Dan Beard only listed once, as illustrator.  Might or might not be the same guy.

(the man who wrote Shacks and Shanties, widely reprinted.  Also a book on making boats.


Oh, yes... I'm electrified and cleaned up (pretty good at least).  8-). I think the last folks in our utility outage got lights back on for Christmas.


I'm glad.

Ain't no fun being without utilities--one way or another.