Gambrell Roof Shop Building

Started by desdawg, August 06, 2006, 10:22:43 AM

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This is the method I used to build my shop some 15 years ago. I had originally posted this in another thread then decided to put it here as well. My plywood gussetted "trusses" included the 2 x 4 wall studs. Basically they were an inverted "U" shape. I had inherited a large quantity of old 2 X 4's and wanted to get the most mileage I could from them.  I poured a footing, laid the block stem, bolted on bottom plate and stood my "trusses" on 24" centers. I installed solid blocking between the trusses and started sheeting. The two ends were framed using conventional framing methods. Floor joists for the loft are 2 X 10's. They were installed after the blocking was put in. This building is 18' X 28' outside dimensions. I wired, insulated and finished the interior with pegboard over particle board. The workbench runs the entire length of the building and is built from salvaged this and that. I didn't have much money in those days so every payday was a Home Depot adventure.


A couple of years ago I used the same method to build a small shed for my mountain property. I prefabbed everything here at home, loaded it all on a trailer and spent a three day weekend traveling the 250 miles each way and assembling it in the mountains. The shed was oriented to the south so I could catch the sun and today it has four 75 watt solar panels on the south facing roof with batteries, charge controller, inverter etc. inside. Once again one full side is a small workbench with storage under and around it. The door and window are old mobile treasures and most of the material is salvaged from here and there. I purchased the siding and roofing new.


 :D FANTASTIC!  I'm not crazy about the looks of grambel roofs, but I sure need the space for a loft.  I'm doing the same, thanks for the help.