Started by drewstiles, December 22, 2022, 06:20:21 PM

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hey there I'm trying to purchase a piece of land in upstate New York or possibly PA for the sake of recreational use such as building a cabin or pitching a tent camp or even rolling up with my RV. however, my recent talk with a Real estate agent Made me feel like it's not possible in New York. Do you guys know if I should buy a off grid land and what type of zoning and setbacks will I face? is there any county in New York School as in the Adirondacks that may allow me to buy a piece of land for recreational use? should I consider forest land? I want to go offered basically but I am lost.

Adam Roby

I'm further north in Churubusco NY, and there basically are no zoning laws.  Many people have mobile homes or campers on their land.  I assume you are looking at more pristine areas, maybe lakefronts?  Those may have more rules.  If you are just looking for large lots of forest land, look outside of the touristy spots.  I have a 7.5A lot you can have for cheap!  :)