A-Frame load bearing wall question

Started by fcpnorman, July 11, 2018, 09:54:56 AM

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I bought a place that has an A Frame cabin with an addition onto one side. The home was built on a walk in raised foundation, so it is actually two stories. It was some type of a kit that was being sold int he 70's. It has no insulation, and some single pane glass...
I have been remodeling it, adding insulation and new fiber cement siding.

The A-Frame is a 4x6 with 2x8 collar ties joined at the 8 foot mark. The end walls are framed in for doorways/windows.

I am considering replacing the end wall windows with a 10 foot sliding door to increase the view and the light. Currently there are some framed windows( full length single pane) and a doorway. When I go under the house- there is no vertical support columns under that portion of the house. There is a deck/balcony that extends from the exterior wall and is inside of the footprint of the house. At that exterior wall- there is normal framing under the house.
My question is- if there is no direct vertical support under the interior wall- it cannot be load bearing? Correct? And in an A-Frame the only load bearing walls are the the A-Frame itself?

Thanks- any input is welcomed!


It seems reasonable to conclude that the end wall is non-bearing.  I would be a lot more confortable reaching that conclusion if you could describe what is under the end wall.  Is it supported just by the floor rafters?
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The end wall is supported by the floor. There is no beam or vertical support columns. That is what makes me believe it is not a load bearing wall. The collar ties exist at the same level as all the others do within the building.
But under the house I see no additional framing or supports.


It certainly seems like a non-bearing wall.  Still, for a big sliding door you will want a header that prevents any wall sag and subsequent deformation of the door opening.  How wide is the building?  I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to extend the header to the exterior wall beams.
My cabin build thread: Alaskan remote 16x28 1.5 story


I will try and upload a picture. But there is currently two windows and a doorway, with framing in between each. The opening would be 120 inches in length. The collar ties that make up the top of the framed in area are 2x8 , with the interior portion buried in drywall and and the exterior portion is exposed.
Not sure how I would install a header with the 2x8 in place, without lowering the level of the wall.
I guess I could insert a 2x6 into the center of the 2x8 collar tie and by sandwhiching it into the gap and nailing it off- create a beam??