Pre-cut framing vs. DIY stick framing

Started by Ignavus, September 10, 2017, 11:49:20 PM

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I'm building a reasonable sized family home, and am currently debating about whether to go with pre-cut framing for the walls, or to do it myself. The price difference is fairly significant, but as this is the first time I've done it I don't have a great handle on how much time it will take me to do it all myself. Does anyone know any rule-of-thumb kind of tips about this kind of thing? I've build a smaller cabin before, and the framing of the walls wasn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, and I'm glad we did it ourselves. But that was a significantly smaller building.



This probably should have been posted in the general forum but I will be glad to throw my 2 cents in here. 

I built my house (two story framed with 2x6 lumber) with lumber cut on site from my pines.  I had some great friends come and cut all my framing lumber over about four days.  That was great but it also meant that each stud had to be cut on both ends.  This was not a problem but it did take time.  In fact some build days, I would dedicate a couple of hours each day cutting the studs I would need.  To save time, set up a stop a certain distance from the saw so you don't have to physically measure each stud. 

If I was buying lumber, and it cost me an extra $300 to buy studs that were the length I needed, I would go ahead and spend the money.  Your time is better spent actually framing instead of cutting studs and dealing with the mess and cut bits.  If you are on a crazy tight budget, then go for it.  No big deal either way.   



Where does one buy pre-cut framing?  I know there are pre-designed and cut home kits you can buy... but pre-cut framing?  Just curious...


When I say pre-cut, I really mean pre-cut & pre-nailed, i.e: Framing trusses all ready to stand up.

In the end, I think the pricing difference means that I'll be doing it myself.


tks.  did a little research on this and it appears there is are companies that you can take your custom blueprints to and they will pre-cut and number everything and deliver all materials to the job site.   



Your explanation changes my answer!  I thought you were talking about pre-cut studs for the walls so you end up with a 8' wall.  You can buy 8' studs really cheap but then you have to cut them down to make an 8' wall.  For a little more money, you can buy studs already cut to the specific length to give you an 8' wall.

Now I understand that you are asking about roof and floor trusses.  I like open floor plans and my house is 26' deep so I went with 2' tall floor trusses.  This gave me an open area to run wires and pipes.  For my roof, I did attic trusses with an open area in the middle for a small attic room.  The cost difference between the attic trusses and the amount I would spend for the lumber and hangers was pretty close.  The only thing you have to deal with is how to set the attic trusses.  I rented a skytrak to set them.  It is nice to have a fully framed roof and attic in one weekend. 

So, it really depends on the cost of materials.  I would run the numbers both ways and then decide. 



I don't really know what we are talking about here but a precut stud should be cheaper than an 8' one, I realize sometimes with supply and demand things are otherwise but negotiate or wait if possible and the precut will settle out. That said I have clamped up gangs of 8'ers and cut or made up a stop on a sheet of ply and racked up gangs of studs to cut many at once. Log homes typically do not know the exact plate height and so send full length 8'ers for the interior walls, we would have to quickly gang cut them once we had a stack height.