Free Boat Building Plans

Started by Matt(Guest), February 20, 2006, 09:24:04 PM

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They looked pretty interesting, but everything I saw was 35-50 bucks.


Looks like 3 sets are free if you do each section there online - the available ones cost money.




What I liked about the plans was that they said that this one was dreadful on fast water, and you would need $158  worth of what was it fiberglass.  And it might only take you 35 hours.

Were I going to build a boat--a kayak for our rated easy river--I'd have no qualms about looking through their catalog.


Have you ever thought about building a skeleton frame and covering it with Tyvek, Amanda?

Sorry - In researching Tyvek I found it used for lots of other things besides houses - Possibly looking for a new future?


Uh, not really (considered building a Tyvek boat, that is).