Free Passive Solar Handbook (and small house plans

Started by skymeadow, January 08, 2006, 01:44:19 PM

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Appalachian State University has free download.  Great small houses and lots of practical info on passive solar.


Thanks for the link skymeadow and welcome to the forum.  I'm downloading it now - 42 mb download - must be lots of info. :)

In the near future - a biodiesel booklet dowload free-

Saving the link here to check back later.


Thanks skymeadow. I followed your link to this one...

...which allows you to view 12 plans in html format. Still downloading the pdf so I don't know if they are the same plans.

There are also two useful pdf posters for download...

Air sealing details (204KB)

High Performance Building Details (399KB)


Yep, the online plans are the same as in the planbook. The planbook also includes 15 pages of text and illustrations discussing solar design plus the two posters. If you want to download it, it is available as a 7.5MB download here...

I don't know what accounts for the size difference but the content seems identical.


Here is a good one page overview of airsealing. Dense with tiny information. (Print at high resolution and get out the magnifying glass.)

I realize now that this is just one page of the 59 page pdf above.