20x30 in Cape Breton

Started by Alasdair, May 14, 2010, 01:16:52 PM

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Pakolea, the siding is "batt and board" local pine, sawn on my neighbours mill and stained.

Speedfunk, the mice love the "highways" on the cabin too. In the fall I set traps and we catch a bunch - I still sometimes hear them at night but they don't bother me much. We has some bats last year too but I haven't seen any this summer so I fear they have been wiped out by the white nose epidemic. We don't mind a few critters around it's all part of living in the sticks.

Anyroad up, we got some plasterboard up...

There's still a lot of work to do but it is starting to feel like the end is in sight...


The end is nigh!

Plumbing is finished

Downstairs still needs trim

but upstairs is nearly ready


looks beautiful...the colors are great!!!  what a cool little place u have built. 


What did you pay for the beam kit? I was planning to do similar but the cost became prohibitive.

BTW, your house is looking fantastic.


Thought I'd just post this Ad link here as we are looking to sell our country plans 20x30 and 12X24 - We love the property, the area, the neighbors and the build but we decided to move closer to school and work.

Also for any German speakers...


Our long range plan is to build another one for retirement... if we make it!  ;)

Edit Feb25th 2019 - The house sold in January. We're now looking for another suitable lot for the "retirement home"  d*