Victoria's Cottage Ridge Beam

Started by misspriss, February 06, 2017, 09:34:00 AM

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Quick question, I bought the VC plans and the materials list. We extended the length of the main 2 story section by 4'.

The plans call for a 5-1/8" x 16-1/2" x 28' Glu Lam Beam for that section, would I just get the same in 32', or will it need to be bigger because of the increased space? I didn't realize this would be an issue, I just thought "more of the same" was okay (I've seen that a lot on here) but now I'm concerned.

Also, I have seen people do multiple 1-3/4" beams fastened together instead of one, for easier handling, would that be acceptable?


John Raabe

Yes, the VC cottage is a little different from most of the other plans in that it was a custom house and is not as easy to expand as some of the simpler plans.
What I would recommend is checking with the lumber yard to see if they can supply a larger beam or come up with another solution for the extra 4' load. They may be able to assemble thinner beams into a larger section. They will be able to design for your local loads and can be more precise.

Best wishes, John
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Okay thanks. We don't have high loads here. We originally planned to do the alternate assembly with the trusses, but then all of a sudden like we are reconsidering the beam. I think the trusses will just be easier and we don't necessarily need the full height in the center.


where are you seeing this Glu Lam beam information? I just purchased the VC plans kit and I'm not finding any in-depth information on roofing. It just mentions professionally engineered trusses. I'd rather stick frame my roof if possible. Any info?

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Adam Raabe

Hi maggietoh,

Looks like they're referring to Page 1 of the Plans PDF. See: Structural Notes (on the left side of the page) as well as "GLULAM RIDGE BEAM" indications in the drawings on that same page (Section A-A, and Alternate Cross Section w/ Steep Stair).

Here are a couple links related to GluLam that may help when looking up the designations in the plans: