E-bay for land??

Started by trish, July 11, 2005, 04:23:38 PM

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I was cruzing around E-bay last night.  They have a real estate section with a number of lots listed.  Their list included land from just about every state in the union.  

Even if their current listings have nothing that is of interest,  it may be an on-going resouce to monitor for those of you who are having trouble finding your dream lot.  

An unrelated  to E-bay BTW, is anyone looking for land in the Hatley, Wisc area? Hatley is near Wausau, Wisc.


I was on a list once with someone who posted an Ebay ad for land that sounded interesting.  It seemed to me to contain all kinds of code for "no level land or dependable water here and the rest is rocky as can be, so you'll never get a driveway into it" and similar downers.

There's no substitute for seeing the land.  Think swamp-land in Florida!

Glen posted a link to some software that will monitor your ebay bids in the last few seconds before close, go to a winning bid or up to your maximum, whichever comes first.

There's probably not a substitute, come to think of it, for knowing the country you are thinking about pretty well.  But lots of us have made that mistake, and sometimes it doesn't turn out to be one after all.


Ah, a subject near and dear, etc.
I just ordered "The Big Enchilada" plans package, which I plan to use on my ebay purchased lot in Seligman, AZ.  I will be driving out in my ebay Winnebago, towing my ebay pickup truck, which will be partly full of my ebay tools! ;D

I spent alot of time reviewing the properties on ebay before finding one I liked.  The seller actually had a satellite image of the lot in the ad, which helped make the sale.  Under five grand for an acre and a half helped, too!


Interesting topic since I just moved to an area that was part of the major land-swindles of the 60s and 70s.  CO, AZ, NM.  Hundreds of thousands of acres subdivided and sold to Easterners sight unseen.

Most of the stuff in Luna Co. was sold in the 60s.  Now, almost worth what they paid.  Great investment.  400 parcels in this year's tax auction.  Scooped up by pros who hawk it on Ebay.

Just checked out the current auctions.  What a bunch of liars.  Lots were plated in 1/2 acres and many sold today this way.  Don't bother to tell you that the state no longer gives well/septic permits for lots that small.  No title ins offered.  Only warranty deed.  

Trouble for the rest of us is trying to accumulate those 1/2 acres into something that can be worked with.  Section that we bought in was never subdivided.  But, there's a unit across the road on our Northern boundry.  Have decided to pick up parcels, as we can, simply to protect our view.

Ought to be fun, don't you think?


Is a warranty deed the same as a quit-claim deed?

(with that last, I gather it's perfectly legal for me to sell you, and the next ten people that walk by, any and all of my interest in the Brooklyn Bridge at any price they're willing to pay.  I've occasionally thought about making up really gorgeous "deed" documents and selling them for a price that might make having the paper to put on the wall worth it.)


No, warranty deed is the proper way.  Many of them claim to have performed a title search.  That would indicate that others don't.

Trouble is without title insurance, would be very hard to resell in the normal manner.  Title ins companies want to see a continous chain of title with policies in effect.

Talked to one of the title companies.  They want the same owership for 10 years b4 they'll issue a policy on a plat that's been sold somewhere along the line without one.  Other states do it differently.
That's why people have to be so careful.  Even if they're comfortable with RE transactions in their home state, have to be sure that they understand the laws and customs in the state where the transaction will take place.

Some of the Ebayers seem to be more honest than others...but if you're not familar with the area, you can't tell that by reading the ad.

And....they're expensive.  The Ebay auctions for land here are 4 times more expensive than you have to pay if you buy another way.


Keep in mind that a satellite photo can make very steep land look very flat.  Check other ways also.


My job is selling state land in Alaska, and we spend considerable time searching down e-bay scammers who get the land under contract with us, then try to sell it for several times the value on-line (not just on e-bay).  They of course like putting up very unrealisitic picutures ofwhat they imagine the land to look like, and for Alaska, everything they sell is "great hunting and fishing / recreational" property.   Kind of unfortunate, but buyer beware, I guess.  Make sure the people you are buying from actually do own the land (check the recorder's office for that county/district) and ask lots of specific questions.

Some bad ones I know of:
Western Property Trust
Cowans Holding Company
Beautiful West Properties

By the way, the legit way to get parcels of state land (at the fair market value) is from our website at //www.dnr.state.ak.us/mlw/landsale

No, I don't get a commission, but I'd rather you get it from us, than an fly-by-night operation.



Cool, Dorothy.  A state that actually helps people get their land instead of trying to get it from them-- Is Alaska in the USA???  ;D  Just kidding-- but it seems different than our policies here - in fact I don't know if we have anything that resembles that --- other than a multitude of State Prisons willing to give free housing to many.