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High Resolution PDF Seismic Design Category Maps for IRC 2012


I recently contacted the USGS to enquire about higher resolution maps (Figure R301.2(2) Seismic Design Categories).  I was pleased to receive an email today from one of the Civil Engineers with the USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center with the PDF maps attached.  I promptly posted these on my seismic page for everyone to download at their leisure:

These are a vast improvement over the images posted on the ICC website or even the IRC hard copy.

 [cool]   Thanks!

Thanks for posting that. Quite a change in the southern Appalachians from the 2009 seismic map, a large area just dropped from C to B, the old line came up from Charleston, SC and cut thru an ancient fault in my county, now it isn't even in my state. Makes me wonder if anyone spoke to the rocks about this  :D


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