UK Strawbale Houses

Started by Robert_Flowers, November 19, 2006, 11:40:15 AM

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1000k e-book Guide to Straw Bale Building its 78page pdf from the UK



Got it downloading.


If you download it, try to do so in a "new window"

Otherwise you have the old frames.  don't know yet if they can be discarded--almost certainly if you print it out.

glenn kangiser

If anyone is interested and needs the service, I have a engineer friend in this area who will design bearing or non-bearing strawbale homes.  Note that in my opinion if you have to go to an engineer the purpose of doing the strawbale house (cheap-great insulation) has been defeated because the house will cost more than conventional construction, but some still want the uniqueness no matter what the cost.  Not true hippies in my opinion. :)
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I'm on a list or two with a couple of engineers.  They seem pretty cool.

and it means you can build more places.