Building a small Guesthouse near Amsterdam

Started by adfundum, May 31, 2020, 01:36:41 PM

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Hi there, we finally decided to build a tiny house/guesthouse in our back garden. Since I am just an amateur, it would be great to have some more eyes on the project to prevent building something that ends up collapsing during a storm. So, I thought it would be a good idea to start with the wood framing. We are using 7x17cm beams (Oregon pine) for the frame. I was planning to use half-Lap joints for the rafters and the ridge. Could anyone tell me if this is the most practical solution or should I consider another type of joints? The little house will be built on a concrete foundation, and will be fixed to a house on the right side. Also, from the left side is not much wind coming, since there is a wall. Please see attached a plan for the construction to give a bit better insight.



Looks like you need to update your permissions on your photos to allow others to view.


Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


If you are attaching an eave to a wall, where does the roof runoff water go?
The connections at the walls to roof and at the roof peak must be rigid for this to work, that is not necessarily as easy as it sounds which is why it is rarely used.
I'd run the wall studs vertical to use them both in bracing and load resistance.

At that length though the middle bent isn't really needed, the roof could be carried by purlins as drawn that run from end wall to end wall.

If there is a toilet, you need a sink there.


Hi there, thanks for your reply! And thanks MountainDon for adding the pictures.

Don_P, many thanks for your helpful feedback. I thought, first get the framework done and then concentrate on details. I will post all developments in this forum.

I wanted to install a gutter leading to a drain pipe in the front.  OK, so I will reduce the number of rafters to 2.

Also, I will run the wall studs vertical instead of horizontal. Would 6 on each side do for 3 metres ? 

What kind for joint would you apply for such a construction? 


Hi All,

Here is my updated drawing. I have added the remarks from Don_P and als I have added a couple of beams, which I hope will make the construction more rigid. If I understood correctly, the roof will put an outward force on the walls. So, therefore I added:

1) Since there was a plan for a mezzanine/entresol anyway, I added two horizontal beams at about 90 inches from the ground. This should reduce outward force on the walls (in the drawing in orange and blue).
2) In green I added a collar tie (but not completely sure if that would help).

Also, I can use the existing wall on the right (brick), completely to attach the right wall of the cabin.

Any idea if this will make the construction rigid enough? Since the front will be completely made out of glass, I am trying to prevent using horizontal beams in the front area. Therefore rather not use a rafter tie.