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Started by nandajor, April 12, 2006, 12:45:28 PM

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more log house circa 1977  Cost about $7.00 per sq. ft.      

Little sweetie on left, on stairs, now 36, lives in house with her children

Lessons learned from building this one:
    Stairs were big mistake, located in place that chopped up what would have been a nice open living space.  Learned to pay close attention to floorplan flow.

Lakefront house, 1400 sq.ft., built 1995  Cost about 50 sq.ft.

Lessons learned:
   On a waterfront, stained wood siding is high maintainence. Hardie board or vinyl would be better.
   Front door located inside carport.  Fine for us, lake houses have prominence in the back, lake facing area, however, not very good "curb appeal"

Present Country House, 1600 sq.ft living, built 2003  Cost about $40 sq.ft. (including concrete drive and back porch & deck)

Much bigger than we really wanted, but very livable.  6" stud walls and house wrap make it super efficient.  Have since added small wood deck extension in back, with wrought iron fencing and have added shed style awning over front and back doors.

Overall lessons:

  Bargain shop and bargain shop some more

  Do lots of research and homework

  Never be afraid to ask questions.  Listen to those who have been doing "it" a long time, but don't automatically assume you are stupid, listen to your own instincts.  Weigh all the info.  More than one way to skin a cat.

  Go confidently, in the direction of your dreams, live the life you imagine.
       (Henry David Thoreau)


The hubby politely corrected my math  :-/never was worth a darn at figures.  The lakefront house cost about $25 sq. ft. (better huh?).  I was figuring in the cost of waterfront lot.  Actually, said this present house was more like $35 sq.ft.   We are expecting to spend more in the $15 sq.ft. range for the Colorado cabin.  When building a home, some things like installation of central air and heat (a MUST, down here in our parts) are worth having the pros do it.  It's always a preference, as to the degree of work you do yourself. I would say that we have always done 80%-90% of the work ourselves.


Now I'm even MORE impressed!  I didn't even know what I wanted to be until I reached my mid-thirties when I went back to school for nursing!   I have really enjoyed the building process though... it's so great to be able to dream of something you'd like to have & then go ahead & build it, live in it & enjoy it.  And, of course, spend "quality" time with the hubby while working on the project  ;).


Thanks so much.  It is the quality time with spouse and having shared goals achieved. That is so rewarding. Also, it is the "dare to be different", the breaking away from the safe and common.  Hey, folks, like the ones on this site are big adventurers. I think we long to Not be like little soldiers in a row, living in ticky tacky houses, right next to and just like our neighbors.  ;)Not that there is anything wrong with that, if that is your thing.  By the way, the underground house is just wonderful.  How creative, unique and smart ya'll are.  I loved viewing the pics.  I have just about gone blind, looking at all the stuff on this site.  You know, sometimes you get to thinking that even though you are very happy, you must be pretty weird, because most of the folks around you are just marching to a different drummer. Then, BAM! you hear your tune being played in the distance and float towards it, like a song of the Pied Piper.  So exciting to land in a community of kin,  planning, building, talking and sharing their ideas.


Cool, Nanda--looks like you found how to do the pix.  I am always a bit dissappointed if people don't think I'm weird.  Eccentric is a minimum. :)