Started by jb(Guest), February 12, 2006, 09:06:18 AM

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I can't help but take offense to some of the comments on my crazy house post....I have been using this forum for a few years now and have gained a wealth of information....why in the hell would I spam cousin sent me those pics via email, so I tried to go to the actual website to have a look, , but it locked up on me. I figured it was my computer. The email said the pics came from that site. Guess I'll start going to other sites for my daily dose of cabin and cottage building...Happy building everyone......jb


The only reason anyone thought it may be spam was that you were signed in as guest, jb.  :)  The others have no way of finding out if you are actually a member or not.  I checked and found out that you were our jb so did not remove the posting in case you found the real link to it.

The reason the others thought that may have been spam was that we were spammed 2 times in the last 2 weeks and I removed the postings.  If I thought yours was spam I would have removed it.  No problem on my side.  Please stick around -and please post them if you find them- we looked and couldn't.

Note: You can enter as signed in all the time if you sign in, then re-save the link to your favorites or bookmarks and get rid of the old link.  Sorry this problem came up but that is exactly the reason John started th new forum - increased security.  Spammers are actually still adding posts to the original old forum.  Here we can find out where they are from and trace or block them.



I believe I was the first person to say I thought that might have been spam.  It appears that I was wrong, but upon first blush that was the vibe that I got.  Knowing now what we do, I believe I was wrong.  And I appoligize for being wrong, but not for thinking what I thought at the time.

Also I tried to find the post to see if there were any inflamitory repsonses or any other thigns to take real offense with and it appears that the thread is gone or at least I can not find it.


I pulled that thread since there were link problems there and we have a copy of the link here -- JB is going to get copies of the pix and post them or send them to me to post.  

Just a little misunderstanding - which is easy to happen on the web since we can't see each other or do not always get the right impression from written text.  There are not any members on this board that I know of with mal-intent.



JB sent the pictures - as soon as I get a bit of time I will try to get them posted here -- very interesting pictures.


The first time I got an angry e-mail from a site owner telling me that there was nothing wrong with her site, I had some sort of a computer virus or highjacking (coolwebsearch or equivalent I learned much later), I was very angry.  After all, I'd only tried about 10 times to get to the information, which I didn't need, but which should have been fun instead of frustratingly unavailable.   >:(

Now I run--frequently--the free--trend micro fix, which you keep on your computer.

It didn't report anything on my computer.  So if I chimed in inappropriately and was one of the annoyers, I'm sorry.