Country Life in Tennessee

Started by phalynx, October 02, 2005, 06:54:27 PM

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Because of my qwest to move to Tennessee in 2006,  I have started a website that I hope will be a resource to many in TN but also to me.  It is new but I am trying to grow it daily.  If this is of no interest to people here, it can be deleted.


No flood areas?

It may all depend on how you define the term.

It just about can't flood right here.  But I've been flooded in about as often as I've been snowed in.

The TVA dams tend to back up the rivers/streams to where the old medium-large floods came to.  It doesn't keep the water away during a big flood, in fact the dam will probably cause the flood to last a lot longer--days instead of hours.  And I believe that TVA has already had to drain a dam to relieve the silting.

This is why I'm glad that the Buffalo is the longest undammed river in the state.  Although that may change.  I am not happy about this.

That said, I would avoid a road that can only be reached by a "low-water bridge," or "waterfront property" that isn't on a bluff.   Assume that small river can go up ten or more feet.

In my area 15-75 acre parcels are the scarcest.  I did get one, and it had maybe 15 years of regrowth in mixed hardwoods after being logged pretty thoroughly.  I love my woods.  Rough country, though.


Well, true.  I guess I mean, not low ground.  I will accept being flooded in, but not flooded out.  When I lived by Franklin, TN, it may have flooded streams but there was never any danger of flooding where we lived.  

So, I guess, that's a loose term.. :)