Seeking land west of the Rockies! 10-15 acres, desolate!

Started by Curtis, July 13, 2009, 02:27:38 AM

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I will soon be seeking land soon (end of this year, start of next), and would like to get the ball rolling by checking out some land out west. I currently live in SE Nevada, just moved here a few months ago from Indiana for a great job offer I could simply not refuse. I must say, things are good right now.

Land back home is cheap compared to what it is here, I was just there a couple weeks ago and picked up a Realtor booklet and have found several plots of land, 10-15 acres going as cheap as $40,000 out in the country. Although I am not sure I would like to buy land there, as it is far away from where I work, I think I would like land that is still West of the Rockies and could be driven to in one day from here. But the way my job is, I can take a few months off out of the year, so I'd like to find a place I can make a home of my own.

I live in the desert, its hot, I would hate to live here year round. I need a break from the heat from time to time. My boss just sold six of his 30+ acres for... $270,000. Yes, I know, really expensive. And that includes no water rights, but it does include two ponds (that will go dry with no water shares) and two rows of grape vines with 9 varieties of grapes (not trellised, or good eating quality. Sour and goes to the birds) but still. The land here is very expensive, and I have no idea why. Over $40K for just one acre. Insane. The land in this valley is ridiculous, I have no desire, even if it was cheap, to buy here.

I'm more or less interested in land somewhere in UT, ID, OR. Really anywhere that I could go to to escape this desert heat, but also where I can build a self sufficient home out of alternative methods. No stick and beam construction, if you're curious just ask but I will post a long rant about how I plan on building, haha. I don't need sewer or septic on site, nor do I need electricity to the site. So any plot of land in no man's land is OK by me.

If possible, I would prefer a Southern facing hillside to build on too, partially wooded.

Lets see whats out there.

EDIT: Also somewhere with good soil for growing, and for dirt jump building. I ride BMX, and I need to have some bike trails. I tried building some here, but the soil is almost pure sand and hard to work with. I need to soil like this:

It needs to pack well and have decent clay content.

Let me know what you got! I'll buy on contract, whatever. Could put some cash down as early as Winter or Spring. We'll just have to see how things go.


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Thank you a lot for thank link! By the descriptions, the land sounds amazing. I just wish there were photos or at the very least GPS Coordinates so I could Google Earth some of the locations

It has been book marked so I can follow up on it in the future.


Quote from: PedalFastBmx on July 13, 2009, 02:27:38 AM

I live in the desert, its hot, I would hate to live here year round.

w* to the Great Southwestern USA!  Now you understand fully why we purchased our Jemez property at 8800 feet.  ;D

For my money most of southern UT is unbearable in the summer.
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I have actually found some great deals on land in Wyoming that I am slightly interested in.

I'm talking as much as 35 acres for as low as $20,000...

View here:

I think it would be a nice place to build some experimental homes, but I am more interested in land that has some timber and some more "character" to it.

The search continues.


I have 10.48 acres in Mountains of Oregon for sale. Nice property away from people. Good roads to it. If you are interested I can send you pictures and more info.
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Hey there.

I checked it out in your other thread and really like the area. However it won't be until Winter or Spring next year that I can really begin to "look".

However... it is a viable option if its still available around then.

What are the building codes like in that particular area? I'm interested in building a earthbag home, or in otherwords "non conventional experimental housing" I guess is probably what a code inspector would classify it as... That is, if they could find it ;) (living, or 'green' roof, partial underground/earthbermed home. )

How far is it from the west coast? When I google earthed it, it seemed like it was two or three counties over, maybe a 3 hour drive or so? Believe it or not, I have NEVER seen the ocean...


I really don't know what the codes are there. Most people near the area just build what they want. It is probably about 4 hours plus from the coast. There are not many road in the area that you can get on an travel to the coast in a straight line. That is what makes it attractive to us because it isn't on a major road. We are not worried about selling as it only cost us about $69 in taxes a year. So if someone comes along and gives us what we want we will sell.
If you want to find out about code contact Klamath County.
Don't worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon.