Huber Zip Roof Panels and Metal Roofing

Started by DirtyLittleSecret, July 06, 2009, 06:12:59 PM

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Placed my order for ASC metal roofing today, and thought I'd pose the question:

When using Huber Zip Roof Panels does one still need to use a perlin system? 

I spoke with two metal roofing companies and two lumber yards who sell Huber products, and everyone says that its not necessary.  Huber says to meet the roofing manufacturer's recommendations, and the metal companys says the same about Huber.  Lumber yards say to just screw the 1" screws to the Zip panels and its good to go.  Was concerned about condensation.
Seems odd...but then again alot of the Zip system makes me feel like I'm missing a step!
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I put zippy on a roof last week that'll get metal, we planned on running tarpaper over it when doing the metal as a slip sheet and to soak up and release any small amount of condensation that might happen. Basically you'll get the same response if there's ever a warranty issue, the fingers will be pointing every direction  ::).


Since my place will be occasional use would it be fine to screw directly to the Zip panels or should I take the extra measure?
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Now were adding another finger, some guy on the internet  :D
We're just screwing to the osb. Caveats... its a screen porch and on a protected side, the wind cannot get at it between the house and a fast rising mountain.


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