Land wanted in NC

Started by cbc58, January 23, 2008, 04:42:52 PM

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Looking for land in NC ... if you have anything for sale please let me know.  Will consider anywhere but prefer mountains or sandhills areas.  Tks.


tough area to find land...My wife and mother in law worked as teachers for the past few years in Tryon...Just down the mountain from Asheville....It is retarded expensive... Sub divisions where they get half a million for a building lot :o

I know a lot of people up there I will ask around....I go near there most week-ends with the wife when she goes back to see her family....I can look around or pick up a real estate guide...

Are you close to the area?


I live near Raleigh now.  I've done the broker search thing but am hoping to find something by-owner that's affordable.   Getting older and want to reduce my expenses.



I hear you about trying to find affordable land...When I got married 4 years ago my wife said she wanted to live in the mountains of Western NC... I said sure! Then we went and looked and saw the cost of land...and that was the end of that foolishness for us...We just could not afford it.

it is getting really hard to find land in that area...all the real estate agents look on tax maps to see if people want to sell and there are developers buying up private land and putting in housing developments in the foothills and you would think it was for millionaires...All the locals cannot afford to live on their own land because the taxes double and triple when the golf courses horse farms and housing developments come...and with capital gains they cannot afford to leave their land to their kids either....So it gets sold... I think they call it Gentrification

Still some land north of Asheville about 45 minutes... or if you go west of Asheville towards the Tennessee line...If you get away from asheville and really close to the tri city area of Tennessee still in NC land is semi affordable...

My wife and I almost bought land in Tennessee this fall because you get the spectacular mountain views and the same climate and land costs about 1/4 as much.... we found mountain land in the Tri City area for as low as 1200 an acre in larger parcels..