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Started by yoshimitsuspeed, April 02, 2005, 05:22:17 PM

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We are a small family owned and run business specializing in enviromentally friendly building materials, home furnishings, energy efficient appliences, and just about any thing else you could need for your home. Come check out our website.

glenn kangiser

Interesting site with lots of things you don't see often.  Nice to know you can get bales of bamboo to play with.

We had breakfast at a great little restaurant in Carbondale a few years ago.  Seems I remember a solar place there too.
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Glenn's Underground Cabin

Please put your area in your sig line so we can assist with location specific answers.


Yeah Solar Energy International is the big solar group there.

John Raabe

Good site with lots of information. I added your site to the main web resource page:
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