Victorias Cottage - Roof

Started by ShellyShelly, March 29, 2005, 10:44:29 AM

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I was wondering how easy it would be to "beef" up the roof for a 50 pound live load rather than the designed 25 live load?(I live in the columbia river gorge, WA)  I came across info that gave specifics on rafter size and spacing. I was hoping to do this on my own rather than take it to a designer/engineer/architect.
Thanks Shelly

John Raabe

In most cases the rafters of the Victoria cottage are oversized for the insulation depth rather than designed for the roof load. I don't think you would have to upsize these for a 50# load, but it should be checked locally if you want to be sure.

PS - The engineer will do more than just size the rafters since I expect some of your unusual load may be wind and sidward forces.
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