using free barn plans from extension services

Started by pforden, May 28, 2007, 11:23:06 PM

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It's been awhile since I posted. We still are not settled enough on our land outside of Austin, TX to begin our Grandfather Cottage. But last week construction began on our sheep barn. We got the plans off of the North Dakota State University Extension Service building plans site:

We hired a Mennonite business man who has a track record of using good solid materials and doing good work. He's been great to work with. As we do this we are learning and planning for the house project.


PS: Pictures follow soon. We are using this plan:

We are putting in twice the windows as well as vents on the short sides. This design suits us because we can use it in combination with other Extension Service plans that guide us through putting together a flexible pen system inside and outside of the barn.


There are lots of free time proven plans out there - great to see them being used.

I for one do not feel that the wheel should have to be re-invented every time a new building goes up.

Nice to hear from you, Penny, and looking forward to the pix.