Little House Floor beams

Started by rdpecken, March 09, 2005, 11:04:23 AM

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I posted this on the General Forum before I got down to read about the new Plans Support forum, so I'll re-post it here... Sorry about the duplication.

I have left my little house plans up on the building site (4 hrs drive away) ::).  

Can anyone tell me what the size of the floor beams are for the 14x24 little house?  I'm thinking 4"x6" but I can't remember. ???

We are heading up this weekend to pour our piers, but I need to pick up the simpson brackets that hold the beams to the piers before we leave.

Thanks...Randy P.


The foundation beams (under the floor joists) are 4x6 Doug fir or equal. 14' long (or two @ 7').


Thanks, John.  That will save me some guessing...
We appreciate your great support! ...Randy P.