Skinny houses

Started by Amanda_931, March 10, 2007, 11:02:50 AM

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Narrower houses use more in the way of external materials, than, say a dome or igloo, or even a square, but sometimes they're all that will fit.  

A few more pictures of this house, none of the bedroom, though, and one of a different extremely narrow house.


A cube would be most efficient use of materials but oh-so boring. On the other hand I really wouldn't want to live in this place.


But Glenn, that's in a really desirable area!  And one of the cheapest places to live there.

Maybe not after you've forked over an extra 30,000 pounds to make it liveable.


7' x 11'   $340,000 dollars appx - a bit steep for me. :(


Especially after you've forked over an extra 50K or so (in dollars) to get it semi-liveable.

But it might still be a couple of hundred grand less than anything less in that area.

(Nashville basically priced me out of it, and it's not near that bad)


You are probably much better off being out of the city.

I warned Sassy to stick to major roads at night rather than go straight through gang land to go home -- a bit farther maybe but at least she may live through it.  She has already been followed by gangs once after midnight.  


Drive carefully, be aware of your surroundings, avoid bad places, and carry a big stick.

Or in my wife's case a 9mm stick.
I lean towards a Colt .45 (Taurus titanium .45 Long Colt revolver)
Bigger bullets = bigger holes.   :)