3 Cups of Tea

Started by trish2(Guest), March 30, 2006, 08:33:07 PM

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Just finished reading the book, "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson.  It's his true story of how he started building schools throughtout the very isolated mountain areas of Pakistan.  

His saga starts out as a mountian climber trying to reach the top of K2.  He fails and gets lost on his way down.  He becomes ill,  and stumbles into  the remote village of Korphe.  The very nice people there nurse him back to health.   As a "thank you" he promises to to build them a school.  The story centers on all the obstacles, both in the US and in Pakistan, that he must overcome to keep the promise.  

This is a good book that gives an insight to what depths the remote Pakistan villiages will go to to secure an education  for their children. Thru the twisits and turns of the tale, Mortensen must fend off several competing villiages as they try to 'hijack' the school for their village.  

The author's style leaves something to be desired, but the facts  are so compelling that I couldn't put the book down.  Husband read it too, and was just as taken with the book as I was.

John Raabe

Thanks Trish

I'll see if I can get a copy it sounds like an interesting read.

I was in the Peace Corps in Iran working with Kurdish villages and we often followed a 3 cup rule. You didn't talk business until you were on the third cup of tea.
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