Making the country as convenient as town???

Started by Amanda_931, December 27, 2006, 10:23:49 PM

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Friend of mine sent me this link--VTOL aircraft, cruising speed over 200mpg--top speed quite a bit more, 20 mpg and only about 65 grand.  That's not cheap, but it might make commuting daily to a job a hundred or so miles away reasonable--especially if you could VTOL-pool.  Get from here to Nashville in half an hour or a bit less!

And besides it's cute!!!!!

flash view of the way it folds and unfolds for landing--I think.

QuoteCan any automobile give you this scenario? From your garage to your destination, the M400 Skycar can cruise comfortably at 275 MPH (maximum speed of 375 MPH) and achieve up to 20 miles per gallon on clean burning, ethanol fuel. No traffic, no red lights, no speeding tickets. Just quiet direct transportation from point A to point B in a fraction of the time. Three dimensional mobility in place of two dimensional immobility.


Oh, dear, it looks like I lied.


Or Moller was talking about a long ways into the future, a friend heard him on the raidio, apparently talking about 65K.  I'd think you might mistake 650K for 65k if it were in print--less likely to when you hear it.

If you want one of the first several hundred they are expensive--as low as half a million.  Depending on your position in the queue.

QuoteDeposit is refundable until after a successful transitioning flight has occurred. Thereafter deposits are refundable only if Final Delivery Price exceeds List Price (as adjusted for CPI-W) by 5%, OR Standard Equipment List has been shortened OR Guaranteed Performance Specifications are not met, OR FAA Certification Date of the M400 Skycar occurs after December 31, 2008 or a Purchase Agreement is executed prior to FAA certification.

Your required deposit amount is as follows:

Delivery Position min. deposit amount  List Price  
25 - 100  $100,000 $995,000
101 - 200  $25,000 $750,000
201 - 500  $10,000 500,000


Amanda, I WANT one of those!  How neat  8-) - think of how nice it would be to commute...   :)  Gee, you had me really excited with the 1st price you quoted... but, alas, I don't think it would be in my budget after all  :'(

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