East Texas

Started by Homesick_Gypsy, August 02, 2006, 02:20:24 PM

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I guess I contributed to that but I was mostly talking about my bearded aunts in Oregon. :)


I have to throw in a good word for the people of east Texas. Years ago during a dry spell, I worked for JCPenney catalog. I was a troubleshooter for mail/telephone orders that went awry, mis-shipments, broken, damaged, disappeared... The folks in TX were the most polite I dealt with. They insisted on their rights, having their problems rectified to their satisfaction and so on, but they were always saying, please, thank you, yes sir, no sir. Fine people to deal with. It's hard not to like people who are polite even when they're pi$$ed off. Even if they might have been grandmas with whiskers.


Honestly, I agree, Don... a lot of them are probably related to me anyway so I'd best not pick on them too hard.  They may not have much, but they'd give you the shirt off their own back if you needed it.  


Not going to comment on the Texas picking..

The web site Lands of America, and Lands of Texas are decent at finding properties I've found. East Texas, especially NE Texas has some pretty good deals on beautiful land these days.

But in NE Texas you'll want to make sure about water if your wanting a well. There is no good aquifers to drill to in some wide swaths up there.