Looking to move to Michigan

Started by Michelle/Rick(Guest), June 02, 2006, 07:05:28 PM

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Hello My hubby and I are getting ready to move to Michigan. We are looking around the Grayling - Cadillac area. We are looking for 1 to 2 acres that we can build our cabin on. What I need is soneone thats from around that area that I can ask questiong of. Any help would be great. I'm from the detroit area but live in Alabama now. Thank for the help Michelle


This reply will most likely not be a help--

There's some urban homesteading in Ohio--Cincinnati, IIRC--from what I'm reading, Detroit proper may be ripe for that now.

(I was born in Wayne County Michigan, still have a relative or two in the area)


I'm not sure that I can help, but if I can, I certainly will! I currently live in Michigan although not in that area. It is beautiful! I'm from Adrian, Michigan and live near now.

What questions did you have?


I have just moved up to Marquette County, MI from just south of Grayling but I still have family in that area (as well as Cadillac). I can answer any general questions for you and ask them (family) any specific questions.