Free Nuclear War Survival Skills book with plans

Started by MtnmanMikeM, June 02, 2006, 12:31:09 AM

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Maybe this has been posted before but I think it is an important book that may be extremely helpful in the future.     It is called the Nuclear War Survival Skills book but it can be used for much more than Just nuclear war.  Many good survival ideas in it and it has plans to build air pumps etc. etc.  Its fallout and blast shelters have been tested in government tests in the 1960's in Nevada A-bomb detonations.  

I used the small pole shelter plans at the back of the book when I built my underground shelter.    Also used some of Mike Oehler's ideas from his $50 and Up Underground House Book.    Would be nice if his book was free online also.    

But here is the link to the Nuclear War Survival Skills book including all its inexpensive plans to build air pumps, meters etc. and especially all kinds of fallout and blast shelters.    Which can be modified like I did, to build a very inexpensive underground shelter...    Just click on the links to see all the pages>


Interesting information, Mike.  Obviously written before the age of duct tape, plastic and DHS though. :)


This is slightly on topic..

This is a womans blog(With pics) about riding her motorcycle through the dead zone at chernobyl.
Look for the ghost town link


Pretty girl, Jimmy.  Beautiful glow about her. :-/


I saw that a couple of years ago, sent by a biker who was trying hard to think that nuclear energy was good--"but look, there's no problem there, it's been evacuated for nothing!"  Which impression one could easily have gotten from her story.  Now it seems she's kind of changed her mind--"we have to live on the interest, not the principal of nature."