Plans for inspiration, Robinson Design

Started by OkieJohn, May 30, 2006, 05:11:38 PM

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I have been a chronic lurker here for a while. Thought I should contribute.

This has some nice small homes, and in the Craftsman style.  Check out the IGS series for a nice use of Eyebrow dormer.....but I wouldn't want to build it [smiley=laugh.gif]
And you have to consider that these plans cost lots more than John's. I do like the garage with apartment above.

The website also has a forum but isn't really aimed to owner/builders.

The smaller cottages are inspiring for small designs tho.


Robinson really likes one door, and on the smallish places, going through the bedroom to get to the bathroom--two of my "let's not" features.  

The Weekend Warrior series--5 or 6 people can dry it in in less than a work week??  Nice thought.  

Houses work together like John's.

Porch bracing is an idea--probably after you've skinned your head on it a few times.