Exercise, and pain.

Started by Amanda_931, May 23, 2006, 10:22:07 PM

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this must be the only place in the world I haven't posted this.  I feel a lot better when I remember to do one series of these.  They are now giving a couple of exercises to help with possible problem areas on the web site.  (tighten your butt for shoulder pain?  If it seems to work....  My favorite of the shoulder "exercises," is to lie on the floor with my legs up against the wall--I can tell the difference when I finish the series I do and get up.


And/or this book--this is the few of his books--the one for women may be fine, haven't worked with it much--that I would recommend--others are too complicated.  Pain Free is not.  The only bad review may be from the person who seemed to think that half an hour on the floor (just until your body "gets it") was worse than pain or surgery:



Well, Amanda, I told my doctor I ached in the joints.  He told me to stay out of the joints.  :-/

Went to another doctor --told him I could't hear.  

He said "Let me have a look in your ear."  

I said "What?"  


I said "Uhhh --- Oh --okay"

He said, "No wonder you can't hear, you have a suppository in you ear."  

I said, "What did you say?"


I said, "Oh ------Then I think I know what I did with my hearing aid."



What's the matter, Amanda --- too old of a recycled joke? :-/



What makes you groan more, the pain or the joke?  [smiley=huh.gif]



Now I'm in trouble --- help--- they're ganging up on me.


It was a pretty bad joke.

Or pair of them.


Should I try again? :-/  I have another one about pain.


Glen, yes please! You are always good for a joke.  ;)



Wow - you two are twisting my arm.  I guess I'll have to post it, and it's about pain - so it's even on topic although slightly off color. :)

A mountain man from the backwoods in the Oregon Territory went into the dentist to get a tooth checked.  The dentist took a look at it and said, "Well, I have some bad news for you.  That molar in the back is in really bad shape and I'm going to have to pull it out.  Let me give you a few shots of Novocaine to deaden it because it's really going to be painful, then I'll jerk that thing out of there."

The mountain man looked at him and said, "No, I don't need a shot.  Just pull it out.  I've only felt pain twice in my life."

The dentist was apprehensive.  Trying to convince him to let him deaden the area around the tooth one more time, he said, "I'm telling you, this is really going to hurt.  The roots of that tooth are crooked and twisted in the jawbone."

Unfazed by the dentist's insistence, he said,  "No, don't worry about the shot.  I've only felt pain twice in my life."

Gingerly the dentist started pulling and twisting with the extraction instrument, but the tooth wasn't budging.  Seeing that the patient seemed to be handling it just fine, he started pulling and twisting harder.  The tooth was a stubborn one and yanking, twisting, pulling and tugging, the dentist put his knee up on the arm of the chair for leverage, gave one last giant jerk and the tooth came free.

Impressed by the fact that the mountain man didn't bat an eye, the dentist said, "That was amazing - you said you only felt pain twice in your life? When was that?"

"Yep" said the mountain man.  "I used to trap up in the North woods.  Bear, mountain lion, coyotes and other critters.  Had a trap line I had to check every day.  Being by myself I didn't always cook real often--------had a pan  of victuals on the stove from the night before and I chowed down on them then headed out to check the line."

"It wasn't more'n about an hour or so and I started to get cramps.  I tried to hold it in till I got back to the outhouse, but my gut wasn't havin' none of that.  I started looking around for something to support myself on when I spotted a stump by the side of the trail.  A light snow had fallen, and I didn't recognize that this was the very stump I had chained a new trap to the day before.  In my haste I dropped my trousers and squatted down beside that stump to let 'er rip.  Well now I gotta tell ya, when my jangles hit the trigger of that trap under that fresh snow, ---------and those cold steel jaws snapped shut------- that was the first time I felt pain."  

The dentist listened intently, and questioned, "But you said you felt pain twice.  When was the second time?"

The mountain man looked at him, winced and replied, "When I hit the end of the chain."


Let me guess Glen,  ;) Are you not original coming from the backwoods in the Oregon Territory?



Yes, Jochen.  Grandparents homesteaded there.  Parents and other relatives still live there.  I used to go run the trap line with my grandfather once in a while -  Carried out a few critters on a pole  between two of us grandkids once. :)