U.S Army Field Manual 3-05.70 Survival w/shelters

Started by glenn-k, April 29, 2006, 05:52:51 PM

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That particular picture makes it look like the old Dan Beard Shacks and Shanties.

They recommend drinking (small quantities) of kerosene for parasite control?

(IIRC most of the VOC/hydrocarbon fuels presumably including kerosene are labeled

[size=18]do not induce vomiting[/size]

for a reason--even incredibly tiny amounts in your lungs could coat the air-exchanging alveoli preventing you from either in- or ex-haling.

I think I'll stick with Beard--he only uses white lead when the rest of us would run screaming.


Well-- I only jumped around a bit in the manual so didn't try drinking kerosene - I guess this is a good place to say -- don't try this at home kids -- and use at your own risk -- but some cool stuff there none the less.

I was thinking that something like that shelter would be a neat little place for summer activities too.  The local Native Americans make a similar summer shelter with wild grape vines draped over it.


My younger brother drank kerosene when he was around 3 IIRC, found it in the basement, I think they pumped his stomach... he was pretty onery when he was young...  


They did recommend very small amounts, and then only if you couldn't come up with anything better.

I really can't imagine being able to drink it myself, even if I thought it would save my life.