Snow Storm

Started by Adam Roby, March 16, 2017, 04:20:29 PM

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Adam Roby

There was a massive pileup of cars due to heavy snow.  People were were stuck for as much as 13 hours overnight while no emergency vehicles were in sight to help.  The pileup started around 6-7 PM, and the first respondents came at 4:00 AM, taking up to 3 hours to clear the scene.

Luckily I take a different route home. 


A good reminder to be prepared and have a survival kit in the car.  Just don't look in my trunk, I'm great at giving advice I don't follow myself.   [shocked]
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Adam Roby

I know what you mean... we always think it'll be the other guy.
My wife parks inside the garage at home, and inside a garage at work.  She sometimes won't bring her jacket, being -30 outside she has no clue because the car is always warm.  It just takes an event like this to realize... imagine how cold they must have gotten?