Nordic Splitting

Started by Adam Roby, December 15, 2015, 09:39:36 PM

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Adam Roby

Anyone see this tool before?  Seems it might help the back when splitting wood.


I've got my eyes set on pulling a lever whenever the wife get's too old and feeble but this might help delay that expense  ;D.

Notice the swing of the splitting maul actors, they are exaggerating but not too far off of how most people start out trying to split wood. Annie Dillard wrote a neat few paragraphs on her Aha moment when she realized you aren't hitting the wood, you are driving that maul through the wood. That changes the entire effort and makes it much more efficient. But swinging a maul is not for a bad back. I've seen these but haven't tried one. He was in straight birch, I think a slide hammer would take multiple strokes in much of my wood


I would not trade that for my new toy a 35 ton gas powered hydraulic wood splitter!!   
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