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Started by Don_P, September 18, 2015, 01:56:58 PM

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After crawling off the roof yesterday and wandering around with a magnet I took a load of tin and nails to recycle... $14  ::).
Got home and saw the link in an email, I turned it up and was laughing my tail off.
Enjoy  ;D

Then click on the timberframe raising video, cool use of a drone.

I wandered around in one of his projects a couple of months ago, wow.


Don I tried twice to watch the video but our net service is poor at best lately.   Maybe it will be a little better later and I can catch it.

Hope you didn't have to travel very far to scrap your metal or you would have more in gas getting there than you got paid.  Oh I forgot you are in Va and it is $.40-50 less per gal than us.  I take it that you didn't have a pile of firewood to cover up. ;D


Oh, I clicked the "HD" tab on the lower right of their video screen and it seemed to turn off the high def and it played for me. When I then looked at the rest of the videos it remembered my setting.

I think I saved 50 or 60 12' sheets of 5v tin, we scrapped the ridge, valleys and those pieces, the end sheets and a few that got away or in the way. Their old barn needs some work so a good bit will go into it. I can always find a use for decent sheets. Gas is $1.98, I saw Flex Fuel at 1.49 today at a Sheetz, I'm not sure I know what that is  ???. I figured it was about break even, steel was bringing 4 cents and it was a "fluffy" load. I think at the peak it was about 12 cents/lb.


I think here or should I say "a little ways away" scrap was bringing $9 @ 100#.  Far cry from what it was a few years back when every farmer started pulling the junk out of the weeds.