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Started by Melinda(Guest), March 14, 2006, 10:23:05 PM

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I have 73 acres located near a new 1000 acre lake being constructed. I will sell it for $3,500.00 an acre if whole parcel is purchased or will divide into 10 acre tracks for $50,000.00 each. This land is partically wooded and covered with deer and turkey. It also has running water for all you horse lovers. You will have great views of the lake when it is finished. Any one interested can email me at or call (731) 986-9623. I can email pictures and maps of property and lake if you like.


And where might this 1000 acre lake be?  What state?  What part of the state?


731 is West Tennessee (except Memphis--and maybe a neighboring county or two)  But that's a pretty big area.  Areas near the Mississippi River can have seismic problems (Reelfoot Lake was formed by a large quake).

On the other hand, I'm on the other side of the Tennessee River from there (except for part of Hardin county which is on this side of the river) and my county had a small quake the other day.  Some people who live quite close haven't replied when I asked them about it, though.


I have posted another ad to bring down the price and give more information. It is locate in Huntingdon, TN-Carroll County. The lake is called the Carroll County Water shed and is not finished yet . Is is to be 90% recreational. The land is about 11 miles from I40 and about 25 miles from Jackson. Please let me know if you have any more questions.