Karim Rashid house

Started by Amanda_931, February 26, 2006, 05:38:03 PM

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Prefab, built to rotate, Rashid furniture inside.  Bright pink staircase with, I think, no railing.  Oh, well.

Not, at least according to all the people commenting on this site, particularly green.

But I'd love a translucent, it looks like, orange plastic bathtub.  One that doesn't need three or four gallons of very hot water (maybe even dumped, and then started over) to give you a nice hot bath, for instance.  Maybe the right place for plastic/acrylic, etc.  Not at all sure I need or want a light inside it, though.


(are these the same people who made the lips urinals?)



answered my own question.

Yes, Wet is the company who made the lips urinals.