Vintage Farm Plans - boats, toys, etc.

Started by jraabe, January 12, 2006, 10:09:49 PM

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I'd almost forgotten about this free resource right here at good ol'  :-[  (A visitor asked for help finding it.)

Vintage Farm plans - projects from the 1940', 50's & 60's DIY magazines such as Mechanix Illustrated. Good stuff and fun projects. You need the Acrobat PDF reader installed for these to work. (Link to it in the first paragraph.)


QuoteThese projects come from an era when men (mostly) went into their basement workshops and turned wood, metal and old motors into things that did real work or helped the kids have fun

This says it all....I came into the world somewhere near the end of this era and seem to be some sort of farm bred mechanical magician to the young city folks I deal with on a daily basis....
A brilliant collection of ideas and plans...thanks a lot...old but so much useful stuff...just goes to show...grandad wasn't the silly old bugger that we always thought he was....


It's nice to know and be able to do this kind of thing.  

My granddad used to make wooden live traps.  He showed us grandkids how to do it.

A couple years ago a bear kept raiding my chicken pen so I made a larger version of his live trap and caught the bear two nights in a row.  I used welded wire mesh (6x6 10-10 ) over the top and the bear was able to break through it both nights.  After that I resorted to what my uncle taught me -- I slept outside with a 30.06.  That seemed to work best. :o



Next time you cage a bear take a photo!

That must be a real Daniel Boone homestead out there in the wilds of Cal-i-forn-ay-A! :)


While I would never shoot a bear that was not a threat, this one was diseased, sick and unable to care for itself in the wild.  It had broken into peoples houses while they were home, stock, horse, chicken and pig pens - ripped steel doors off a barn and broke into my chicken pen, killed chickens, ate guinea hen chicks etc.  While we were repairing our chicken pen it was in the bushes growling at us.

I was tired of waiting for Fish and Game to do their job, but they will if they can.  USDA trapper was very helpful also, but you had to be there at the right time.  They had been trying to trap this one for weeks.

While city folks don't realize it due to modern transportation, we are on the edge of the wilderness near Yosemite, and yes - sometimes it is the Wild, Wild West.


 The news folks are chasing a bear up here , they think he's swiming the sound . Game wards are calling him Columbus due to his explotes.

They had him all over the place yesterday, how , or why they think it's "the same bear" I don't know . They can't track him to tree him but seem to think its the same one , tracking collar?? Big brother?? Not sure ??

I should look for  the storey on line and see why they are so sure it's only one bear ::)  

BTW can you (Glenn ) open the wooden  boat files in the link John posted and send them here??  They won't open on my lap top , I don't have that program .  ::)



BTW can you (Glenn ) open the wooden  boat files in the link John posted and send them here??  They won't open on my lap top , I don't have that program .  ::)

I did it another way , no need fer you ta do nuttin Glenn.  


Sorry I didn't get to it sooner PEG -- got company.

Some pretty nice little boat plans there with info on bending wood.